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Friday, August 8th , 2014

Salud Cooking School 

Whole Foods Market, Green Hills Nashville TN

Reds for Summer

There are many of you who truly like either red or white wine. With only so much cash in our pockets, we all tend  to buy what you like, regardless of the situation. For those of you faithful only to the black grape…this is the class for you.  However, there will be no over -oaked, high alcohol wines here.  It’s an opportunity to find some other reds that you might truly enjoy; refreshing reds that will not be too heavy and overpowering during the summer’s heat! We might even chill one or two of them! Come and taste some wines that are great alternative reds for this time of year.

6:30-7:30 pm


To register call: 615-440-5117


Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Salud Cooking School 

Whole Foods Market, Green Hills Nashville TN


Wine 101- South America

Argentina   and Chile have been growing grapes and making wine for longer than we have here in the USA.  The last 20 years has seen unbelievable improvement in the wines and their accessibility.  In fact they are some of the best values currently offered from the new world! Come and learn how it all happened and what regions and varieties you should be looking for.  We will taste through several different examples of wines that you might like to add to your everyday favorite list.   This continent has something for everyone!

6:30-8:30 pm


To register call: 615-440-5117 

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